Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

Columbia hosts an NSF MRSEC, called the Center for Precision Assembly of Superstratic and Superatomic Solids, which is a partnership with City College of New York, as well as academic, industry, and international collaborators. Faculty from materials science, chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, form two interdisciplinary research groups and focus on two-dimensional atomic sheets and zero-dimensional molecular clusters.

Outreach and education is critical to the center and it seeks to provide graduate and postgraduate training in research and other professional skills, to guide hands-on instruction in materials science, to support local students and teachers, and to encourage student research at all levels.


Integrated Project Week
Integrated Project Week. Photo Credit: IPW Staff
Integrated Project Week

This four-day materials science education project is for K-8 school students and occurs every spring.

March Materials Madness
Demonstration on combustion. Photo Credit: Outreach Programs Staff
March Materials Madness

This day of science activities for 5th-7th graders focuses on physics and chemistry demonstrations.

PhD for a Day
Hands-on experiment. Photo Credit: Outreach Programs Staff
PhD for a Day

Students visit the Columbia University campus, where CU students provide lab training and lead experiments.


Science Honors Program (SHP)
Science Honors Program (SHP). Photo Credit: Columbia University Department of Chemistry Staff
Science Honors Program

This Saturday program is designed for high school students who have a strong interest in science and mathematics.

Engineering the Next Generation (E.N.G.)
Research of Syringe Pump for Scanning Bubble Microscopy. Photo Credit: Jeremy Heyman
Engineering the Next Generation

This research opportunity for highly motivated under-represented high school students runs for six weeks over the summer.

STEM Academy
Science demonstration about adaptability. Photo Credit: Outreach Programs Staff
STEM Academy

This intensive academic program provides tutoring, faculty lectures, and student panels and runs during school breaks.


Research Experiences for Teachers
Research Experiences for Teachers. Photo Credit: Outreach Programs Staff
Research Experiences for Teachers

Columbia's RET offers training in emerging technology, includes a summer program and support throughout the academic year.

STEM teachers NYC
Photo by STEMteachersNYC Staff

This professional development series cultivates excellence in STEM teaching and promotes deep understanding for students.

Community College, Undergraduate & Graduate

LaGuardia Community College Research Program
A student holds up an arduino used in his final presentation of research. Photo Credit: Tim Lee
LaGuardia Community College Research Program

LGCC students can enroll in a research course and continue with hands-on lab experience at Columbia over the summer.

Research Experience for Undergraduates
REU Program. Photo Credit: Outreach Programs Staff
Research Experience for Undergraduates

This REU allows undergraduate students to conduct research with Columbia faculty members in New York City over the summer.

Training Workshops - Mentor
Building and Teaching a solid lesson. Photo Credit: Outreach Programs Staff
Training Workshops

Professional development topics include best practices and practical applications in science communication and research mentoring.