Engineering Speaks

Engineering Speaks gives engineers from Columbia the opportunity to speak directly to students in local schools.

Professor and former NASA Astronaut Mike Massimino shares a laugh with some students after his presentation.

Typically engineers tell a “life story” and explain their personal path, including passions, education, current work, etc. Groups are supervised by school personnel and range from a single class of about 20-30 students to large groups of about 200, who prepare questions in advance. Talks are scheduled on site at the school during the school day, typically between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM, and last roughly an hour. Outreach Programs staff accompanies the speaker to the school.

Get Involved

Educators interested in having a speaker come to your school to talk about their experiences can sign up through Explorable Places!

Email with any questions.

All welcome to participate: Postdocs, graduate and undergraduates, student organizations, as well as alumni can all give presentations.

Interested in giving a talk? Email for more information.

Faculty can give presentations on their experiences in their field.

Interested in giving a talk? Email for more information.