Inside Engineering

Inside Engineering invites school groups into Columbia Engineering labs to show students what engineering looks like in practice. 

Note: We are currently working on adjusting our Inside Engineering and Engineering Speaks programs such that we can offer enriching STEM and engineering virtual learning experiences for interested K-12 students, teachers, and schools. Please stay tuned for updates to this page for further information beginning early this Fall 2020!

Middle school students participate in a lab demo.

Seeing lab equipment, work spaces, and engineers working on high-level problems is an exceptional opportunity for students. Moreover, this program uniquely offers access to students who would not otherwise see academic research. Small groups of any age (from elementary through community college students) will visit labs for a tour and short demonstration either after-school, during the school day, or with a special event. Groups range from eight to 30 students and visits typically last 20-30 minutes per lab. Outreach Programs staff accompanies the group to the lab and offers support in preparation of the demo.

Get Involved

Educators interested in bringing their students to a Columbia Engineering Lab can sign up for a lab tour today through Explorable Places!

Email with any questions.

PhD students and postdocs can host groups in their labs and can develop demonstrations. Graduate students can also help lead tours in their labs.

If interested please email

Faculty host groups in their labs and can develop demonstrations.

If interested please email