Professor Raimondo Betti gives a lab tour to students.

The Outreach Programs Office offers critical support to faculty who are developing research proposals, especially National Science Foundation applications. The director collaborates with faculty to communicate the social impact of the science to a broader audience and to meet the required broader impact merit criteria.

As Broader Impact professionals, the Outreach Programs Office acts as a knowledge broker, partnership coordinator, and capacity builder that supports and may directly participate in research, education, communication and community engagement between the academy, other diverse stakeholders such as K-12 and informal education, industry, and society-at-large.

Faculty members can

Working With Minors

  • The Protection of Minors training is an online module provided by Columbia University Human Resources that all CU affiliates must complete if they are interacting with children under the age of 18. All volunteers working in an Engineering Outreach program or student group need to complete this training before engaging with children. Protection of Minors certifications last for 2 years from the date of completion.
  • The Engineering Outreach office can schedule group and individual trainings throughout the year. Email engineeringoutreach@columbia.edu to schedule a time to complete the training.

Proposal Support

For grant proposal content, click here.

For more information on grant proposal content, contact Emily Ford to schedule a meeting.