HK Maker Lab

What is HK Maker Lab? Hk Maker Lab is an engineering design-focused summer program in collaboration with Columbia Engineering for high school students graduating in 2025 or 2026. Participants learn about the design process through rigorous coursework and hands-on applications. Students who successfully complete Hk Maker Lab will gain the opportunity to obtain a paid internship in research labs or health care institutions the following summer.

What to expect?

Hk Maker Lab students will immerse themselves in the fundamental principles of engineering, get hands-on experience in design & innovation techniques, and complete projects under the mentorship of our experienced instructors. We aim to educate and inspire students at an early stage so that they get a strong start to a future STEAM career. The program provides a rich, multi-faceted learning experience while developing a network to support future academic and work endeavors.


Application Process

The application deadline is February 2nd. Applications will be reviewed in the order they were received. Qualified applicants will receive an invitation for an interview.

Application Eligibility

The program creates opportunities in STEAM for students from backgrounds a wide variety of backgrounds. 

Additionally, qualified applicants meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a 10th or 11th grade student (graduating 2025 or 2026)

  2. Attend a NYCDOE public or charter high school

  3. Should have an interest in pursuing academic or professional opportunities in STEAM ​

  4.  Must commit to their own learning and growth

  5. Can demonstrate educational and/or economic disadvantage: 

    • Applicant attends a NYC high school that has an Economic Need Index (ENI) of 0.8/80% or higher. Please check your school's ENI through this website:

    • Applicant family income qualifies for Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, or other similar government aid. Documentation of Government aid qualification must be provided with application materials.


Application Checklist

  • Academic History

    • Current High School Transcript

    • Attendance Record for the 2022-23 School Year

  • Essays (3)

  • One letter of recommendation

Application Selection Criteria

​Additionally, student selection will be based upon their:

  1. academic performance and past leadership experiences

  2. demonstrated interest in Hk Maker Lab and engineering design

  3. ability to collaboratively solve problems in a team setting

Students who are interested in the program or who have questions regarding the application should contact our High School Program Manager, Jasleen ([email protected]).