Dr. Aaron Kyle

HK Maker Lab

Dr. Aaron Kyle, a senior lecturer in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, leads the Hk Maker Lab, a six-week intensive summer program in Columbia’s Department of Biomedical  Engineering and created in partnership with HYPOTHEkids, a Harlem-based K-12 STEM education company. The HK Maker Lab is a free summer program that focuses on students from minority and low-income backgrounds. Students in this program are taught the (biomedical) engineering design process and use their design training to find and devise innovative device solutions to medical needs. Program alumni are eligible for biotechnology and research laboratory internships facilitated by the Hk Maker Lab. The program is also a professional development opportunity for local high school teachers, allowing for the implementation of design-centric high school curricula and expanding the scope of design education throughout the city.



hk maker lab