What are some of the benefits of the SHAPE program?

  • Summer programs are great experiences for your college application because they show your interest in and commitment to science and engineering.
  • Programs like SHAPE are competitive, and colleges know that.
  • This program provides a real look at what life's like as a college student. You'll have a great sense of whether or not you'd like to pursue a specific field of study after you finish this program. 
  • If you do a college campus program, you'll get a preview of college life. You’ll have access to campus buildings, faculty, labs, libraries and current college students.
  • This opportunity gives you the chance to evaluate whether you’d like to pursue a discipline before you waste time and money in college. If you love your program, you'll be even more motivated to work hard to attend your dream college or university.
  • You'll meet like-minded students who’re interested in science and engineering!
  • You'll have a great program on your college application. By participating in SHAPE, you'll show colleges that you're committed.
  • Colleges mainly look for extracurriculars and programs that show your commitment, passion, and ability to handle rigorous academic courses such as the SHAPE program. 


Hear from our SHAPE Students

“I learned a lot about the design, building, and coding processes for a robot and how to independently handle a very challenging task. I also learned important information about startups and entrepreneurship, and got a lot of teamwork experience.” Sophia Vincoff, Junior at Manhasset High School

“What we did in three weeks [at SHAPE], I did in two years [at school].” Levi Olevsky, Senior at Stuyvesant High School 

“[I learned] a greater knowledge and understanding of robotics and mechanics. Specifically, some design-related skills such as laser cutting and SolidWorks.” William Nacos, Sophomore at Bronx High School of Science

“I really enjoyed this program and hope to use what I have learned in the future. It has extended my interest in the subject.” Yousif Hassan, Senior at The Hudson School

"[The] SHAPE program was very helpful at introducing me to CS. I definitely know the basics of programming in Python. Also, I have a head start towards my college career thanks to the SHAPE program." Pavneet Saini, Sophomore at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics

Hear from our SHAPE Parents

"I wanted you to know how much Josh learned from and enjoyed the SHAPE program.  Every day he came back excited about the entrepreneurship part of the program and the python course.  The speakers you had really made a big impact on him and he enjoyed working with fellow students on his projects.  Overall an extremely positive experience for him.” Mark Shapiro, Parent of Josh Shapiro (Senior at Rye Country Day School)