Letter from the Dean

The Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science is excited to announce its Summer High School Academic Program for Engineers (SHAPE). Our goal is to equip today’s young scholars with the necessary skills to become tomorrow’s engineering leaders.

By fostering an environment that embraces interdisciplinary skills, we seek to expand the minds of our students, preparing them for the collaborative efforts needed to address complex issues in the world. SHAPE will be an exciting and dynamic program that will strengthen our prospective students’ foundation in engineering and enhance their technical literacy.

Join us as we shape the next generation of aspiring engineers into innovative problem solvers.


Mary Cunningham Boyce
Dean of Engineering
Morris A. and Alma Schapiro Professor



Empowering students to navigate the evolving and expanding landscape of engineering.


SHAPE aims to cultivate ideas, foster commitment, and nurture creativity in aspiring engineers and scientists.



  • SHAPE engineering aspirations into tangible goals
  • EDUCATE problem solvers with an engineering foundation
  • CREATE opportunities to excel in engineering and applied science